Robert ČERNÝ (head)


Contact information:

Mgr. Robert Černý, Ph.D.

Phone: +420221951850      

Fax: +420221951841


Room: 222


Personal webpage:

Laboratory for the study of craniofacial evolution & development


Research interests:

Developmental morphology; comparative embryology; evolutionary-developmental biology.


Current projects:

Developmental morphogenesis of head and pharyngeal structures in axolotl, bichir and lamprey; jaw development and evolution; germ-layer origin of oral & pharyngeal teeth.




Selected papers:

CERNY, R., CATTELL, M., SAUKA-SPENGLER, T., BRONNER-FRASER, M., YU, F. & MEULEMANS MEDEIROS, D. (2010). Evidence for the prepattern/cooption model of vertebrate jaw evolution. PNAS, 107, 17262-17267.

FRASER, G. J., CERNY, R., SOUKUP, V., BRONNER-FRASER, M. & STREELMAN, J. T. (2010). The Odontode Explosion: the origin of tooth-like structures in vertebrates.  Bioessays, 32, 808-817.

KRALOVIC, M., HORACEK, I. & CERNY, R. (2010). Mouth development in the Senegal bichir Polypterus senegalus does not involve the oropharyngeal membrane: possible implications for the ecto-endoderm boundary and tooth initiation.  Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 26, 179-182.

SOUKUP, V., EPPERLEIN, H.-H., HORACEK, I. & CERNY, R. (2008). Dual epithelial origin of vertebrate oral teeth. Nature, 455, 795-798.

EPPERLEIN, H.-H., SELLECK, M.A., MEULEMANS, D., MCHEDLISHVILI, L., CERNY, R., SOBKOW, L., & BRONNER-FRASER, M. (2007). Migratory patterns and developmental potential of trunk neural crest cells in the axolotl embryo. Developmental Dynamics, 236, 389-403.

CERNY, R., HORACEK, I. & OLSSON, L. (2006). The Trabecula cranii: development and homology of an enigmatic vertebrate head structure.  Animal Biology, 56, 503-518.

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CERNY, R., LWIGALE, P., ERICSSON, R., MEULEMANS, D., EPPERLEIN, H.-H. and BRONNER-FRASER, M. (2004). Developmental origins and evolution of jaws: new interpretation of “maxillary” and “mandibular”. Developmental Biology, 276, 225-236.

ERICSSON, R., CERNY, R., FALCK, P. and OLSSON, L. (2004). The role of cranial neural crest cells in visceral arch muscle positioning and patterning in the Mexican axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum. Developmental Dynamics, 231, 237-247.

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