Robert ČERNÝ (head)


Contact information:

Mgr. Robert Černý, Ph.D.

Phone: +420221951850


Room: 222


Personal webpage:

Laboratory for the study of craniofacial evolution & development


Research interests:

Developmental morphology; comparative embryology; evolutionary-developmental biology.


Proposed Bachelor and Master student projects to be found here.


Current projects:

Developmental morphogenesis of head and pharyngeal structures in axolotl, bichir and lamprey; jaw development and evolution; germ-layer origin of oral & pharyngeal teeth.




Recent publications:


Soukup V, Tazaki A, Yamazaki Y, Pospisilova A, Epperlein HH, Tanaka EM Cerny R (2021) Oral and palatal dentition of axolotl arises from a common tooth-competent zone along the ecto-endodermal boundary. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 8, 622308.




Stundl J, Pospisilova A, Matějková T, Psenicka M, Bronner ME & Cerny R (2020) Migratory patterns and evolutionary plasticity of cranial neural crest cells in ray-finned fishes. Developmental Biology 467, 14-29.


Fabian P, Tseng KC, Smeeton J, Lancman JJ, Dong PDS, Cerny R & Crump G (2020) Lineage analysis reveals an endodermal contribution to the vertebrate pituitary. Science 370, 463-467.




Stundl J, Pospisilova A, Jandzik D, Fabian P, Dobiasova B, Minarik M, Metscher BD, Soukup V* & Cerny R* (2019) Bichir external gills arise via heterochronic shift that accelerates hyoid arch development. eLife 8, e43531.




Minarik M, Stundl J, Fabian P, Jandzik D, Metscher BD, Psenicka M, Gela D, Osorio-Perez A, Arias-Rodriguez L, Horacek I & Cerny R (2017) Pre-oral gut contributes to facial structures in non-teleost fishes. Nature 547 (7662), 202-212.


Square T, Jandzik D, Romášek M, Cerny R, & Medeiros DM (2017) The origin and diversification of the developmental mechanisms that pattern the vertebrate head skeleton. Developmental Biology 477, 219-229.