Vladimír SOUKUP


Contact information:

Mgr. Vladimír Soukup, Ph.D.

Phone: +420221951849

E-mail: soukup@natur.cuni.cz

Room: 221


Research interests:

Development of oropharyngeal region; tooth addition and patterning; craniofacial morphogenesis; left-right asymmetry specification; evolution of left-right asymmetry


Current projects:

Tooth addition from stem cells; patterning of vertebrate dentitions.



  • Comparative embryology (MB170P122)
  • Advances in developmental biology (MB151P117E)
  • General and comparative odontology (MB170P81)
  • Practicals in animal morphology (M170C46A)
  • Vertebrate zoology - practical part (M170P13A)


Recent publications:



Stundl J, Pospisilova A, Jandzik D, Fabian P, Dobiasova B, Minarik M, Metscher BD, Soukup V* & Cerny R* (2019) Bichir external gills arise via heterochronic shift that accelerates hyoid arch development. eLife 8, e43531.




Soukup V, Mrstakova S & Kozmik Z (2018) Asymmetric pitx2 expression in medaka epithalamus is regulated by Nodal signaling through an intronic enhancer. Development Genes and Evolution 228, 131-139.


Soukup V & Kozmik Z (2018) The Bmp signaling pathway regulates development of left-right asymmetry in amphioxus. Developmental Biology 434, 164-174.




Soukup V (2017) Left-right asymmetry specification in amphioxus: review and prospects. International Journal of Developmental Biology 61, 611-620.




Soukup V & Kozmik Z (2016) Zoology: A new mouth for amphioxus. Current Biology 26, R367-368.




Soukup V, Yong LW, Lu TM, Huang SW, Kozmik Z & Yu JK (2015) The Nodal signaling pathway controls left-right asymmetry in amphioxus. EvoDevo 6, 5.