Contact information:

RNDr. Markéta Rozkošná Knitlová, Ph.D.

Phone: +420732348701


Room: 223

currently on maternity leave


Research interests:

Mammalogy, morphometrics, Quaternary fossil record of rodents in Central Europe.


Proposed Bachelor and Master student projects to be found here.




Recent publications:


Cerná-Bolfíková B, Evin A, Knitlova M, Loudová M, Sztencel-Jablonka A, Bogdanowicz W & Hulva P (2020) 3D geometric morphometrics reveals convergent character displacement in the Central European contact zone between two species of hedgehogs (genus Erinaceus). Animals 10.




Sinitsa, M.V., Virág, A., Pazonyi, P. & Knitlová, M (2019) Redescription and phylogenetic relationships of Spermophilus citelloides (Rodentia: Scuiridae: Xerinae), a ground squirrel from the Middle Pleistocene - Holocene of Central Europe. Historical Biology 33, 1-21




Newton, A., Špoutil, F., Procházka, J., Black, J., Medlock, K., Paddle, R., Hipsley, Ch., Knitlová, M., Pask, A. (2018): Letting the “cat” out of the bag: pouch young development of the extinct Tasmanian tiger revealed by X-ray computed tomography. Royal Society Open Science 5(2): 171914.



Knitlová, M., Horáček, I. (2017): Genus Apodemus in the Pleistocene of Central Europe: when did the extant taxa appear? Fossil Imprint 74 (3-4): 460–481.

Knitlová, M., Horáček, I. (2017): Late Pleistocene-Holocene paleobiogeography of the genus Apodemus in Central Europe. PLoS ONE 12 (3): e0173668. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0173668