Contact information:

Mgr. Lucie Fuchsová

Phone: +420221951835

Fax: +420221951841


Room:  212


MSc Thesis:

Individual variability in reactions to aposematic prey in great tits: Influence of age and personality.

Supervisor: Alice Exnerová


PhD Thesis:

Factors influencing functions of warning signals: Psychology of bird predators and multimodality of prey signals.

Supervisor: Alice Exnerová


Research interest:

Ornithology, avian personality, behavioural ecology, mimicry and warning signals, predator psychology, learning and memory, bird ringing.


Current projects:

Individual variation aka personality among bird predators in ontogenesis and individual reactions of birds to antipredatory defences of true bugs (Heteroptera). Effect of different warning signals on learning and memory in bird predators, effect of colour and pattern by Graphosoma lineatum on bird predators and effect of age.




Selected papers: