Contact information:


Mgr. Jan Štundl

Phone: +420221951793

Email: jan.stundl@natur.cuni.cz

Room: 222


More info at:

Laboratory for the study of craniofacial evolution & development


MSc Thesis:

Comparative aspects of Neural Crest Cell biology with respect to Craniofacial Diversity of Vertebrates.

Supervisor: Robert Černý


PhD Thesis:

Migration and morphogenesis of neural crest cells in the context of craniofacial development of basal fishes

Supervisor: Robert Černý


Research interests:

Evolutionary-developmental biology, embryology, evolution of vertebrates, herpetology.


Current projects:

Comparative evo-devo studies of cranial neural crest cells.



  • Zoology of Vertebrates (practicals) (MB170C13B)
  • Practicals in animal morphology (MB170C46)
  • Field course in zoology (M170T24)

Selected papers:

Pospisilova A, Brejcha J, Miller V, Holcman R, Šanda R, Stundl J* (2019) Embryonic and larval development of the northern pike: An emerging model system for evo-devo research. J Morphol. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/jmor.21005
Stundl J, Pospisilova A, Jandzik D, Fabian P, Dobiasova B, Minarik M, Metscher BD, Soukup V* & Cerny R* (2019) Bichir external gills arise via heterochronic shift that accelerates hyoid arch development. eLife 8: e43531.
Moravec J, Šmíd J, Štundl J, Lehr E (2018) Systematics of neotropical microteiid lizards (Gymnophthalmidae, Cercosaurinae), with the description of a new genus and species from the andean mantane forests. ZooKeys 774, 105-139.
Minarik K, Stundl J, Fabian P, Jandzik D, Metscher BD, Psenicka M, ... Cerny R (2017) Pre-oral gut contributes to facial structures in non-teleost fishes. Nature 547, 209-212.
Šmíd J, Moravec J, Gvoždík V, Štundl J, Frynta D, Lymberakis P, ... Mayer W (2017) Cutting the gordian knot: phylogenetic and ecological diversification of the Mesalina brevirostris species complex (Squamata, Lacertidae). Zoological Scripta 46, 649-664.