Martina GREGOROVIČOVÁ (supervisor: Alice Exnerová)


Contact information:

Mgr. Martina Gregorovičová

Phone: +420607661240

Fax: +420221951841


Room:  212


Personal webpage:


MSc Thesis:

Dental development in Toxicofera (Lepidosauria, Squamata): Varanus indicus (2008).

Supervisor:  Ivan Horáček


PhD Thesis:

Importance of repellent secretion compounds in antipredatory defence of aposematic insects.

Supervisor:  Alice Exnerová

Consultant: Pavel Štys


Research interests:

Cognitive ethology, herpetology, ornitology, behavioural ecology, mimicry and warning sinals, odontology.


Current projects:

Reactions of bird predators to chemical signals of aposematic insects; Reactions and cognitive ethology of lizard predators to aposematic insect; Cognitive ethology and reactions of Insectivora to aposematic insect (Heteroptera); Embryonal and Tooth development and dentition in mangrove monitor (Varanus indicus).




Selected papers:

GREGOROVICOVA M., ZAHRADNICEK, O., TUCKER, A.S., VELENSKY, P., HORACEK, I. (2012): Embryonic development of the monitor lizard, Varanus indicus. Amphibia-Reptilia 33 (2012): 451-468