Contact information:

Mgr. Dana Ježová

Phone: +420221951835

Fax: +420221951841

E-mail: jezova.dana@gmail.com

Room:  212


MSc Thesis:

Exploratory strategies and reactions to novel prey in tits (Paridae).

Supervisor: Alice Exnerová


PhD Thesis:

Factors influencing variability towards novel and aposematic prey in tits (Paridae).

Supervisor: Alice Exnerová


Research interests:

Ornithology, behavioural ecology, mimicry and warning signals, avian personality, predator psychology, learning and memory, avian development.


Current projects:

Individual variability in reactions to novel and aposematic prey in tits (Paridae), influence of neophobia and dietary conservatism – an interspecific comparison. Development of dietary behaviour in different species of tits (Paridae).




Selected papers:

EXNEROVÁ, A., SVÁDOVÁ, K., FOUSOVÁ, P., FUČÍKOVÁ, E., JEŽOVÁ, D., NIEDERLOVÁ, A., KOPEČKOVÁ, M., ŠTYS, P. (2008). European birds and aposematic Heteroptera: review of comparative experiments. Bull. Insect., 61, 163-165.